If you have your own fleet of vehicles and are responsible for transport, but would prefer not to deal with the challenges this involves, we can offer you an outsourcing service. Our outsourcing service is a business partnership based on trust that will help you better serve your customers and focus on your core mission.

Dedicated vehicles for your transportation business

We offer a specialized transportation service with dedicated vehicles to move your goods dock-to-dock or door-to-door. You may display your own logo on our vehicles, giving you additional visibility during the transportation.

Efficient and secure outsourcing

Since we are responsible for your supplies, Transport Lyon is committed to respecting and complying with all your delivery directives, instructions and procedures.

We will pay special attention to your security requirements, which we ensure with our dedicated, qualified staff and our fully equipped, state-of-the-art professional equipment.

Do away with logistical challenges

We guarantee service excellence, qualified drivers, compliance with current regulations and the reliability of our vehicles.

Transport Lyon transports your goods as if we were your employees. We represent our customers as you would your own.

We provide you with impeccable service and efficiency when we represent you in our deliveries to your customers. At Transport Lyon, punctuality during pick-up and delivery is a key performance criterion. We have the necessary experience and appropriate professional equipment to ensure secure and safe handling, transportation and delivery of your products.

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If you already have your own fleet of vehicles, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the terms for taking charge of your units.

We can guarantee you competitive rates and relieve you of the hassles involved in the maintenance and upkeep of a fleet or the tracking of drivers.

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