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Transport Lyon has been responding to the challenge of protecting the environment in the world of Transportation and Moving for years.

As a stakeholder in this industry, we believe we have an important and unique role to play in creating initiatives that are respectful of our environment, and in promoting innovative solutions in the field.

Click here to view the list of measures put in place by Transport Lyon to support responsible and sustainable development practices, ensuring that respect for the environment is a reality within the company.

1. Collecting and recycling office paper.

2. Collecting and reusing cardboard boxes for residential moves.

3. Replacing commercial cardboard boxes with plastic bins for moving offices.

4. Using outside containers for collecting cardboard packaging from corporate clients.

5. Reusing plastic containers for window cleaning purposes.

6. Acquiring a new vehicle every year to promote the use of electronic trucks and automatic transmissions and to save fuel.

7. Installing recycling bins in the company's cafeteria.

8. Retreading our trailer tires and regularly checking tire pressure.

9. Reusing our customers' wooden packing boxes.

10. Programming diesel engines for automatic shutdown after vehicle has been inactive for 5 minutes.

11. Vehicles may not be driven at night: drivers are required to spend the night at a hotel.

12. Programming vehicles to limit revolutions per minute (RPMs) through smooth transmission changes.

13. Programming vehicles to limit the speed to 100 km/h on the acceleration pedal.

14. Programming engine heaters based on departures of vehicles in the morning so that they function only when the temperature falls below zero Celsius.

15. Defensive driving training is required for all drivers each year before the start of winter to teach them how to reduce fuel costs.

16. Creating an employees’ recycling committee with a budget allocation for recommendations and recycling bins.

17. Replacing Styrofoam coffee cups with reusable cardboard cups and encouraging employees to use washable dishes.

18. Replacing paper towels for cleaning a customer's furniture with reusable and washable rags.

19. Encouraging use of email over paper memos and faxes.

20. Reusing delivery pallets.

21. Donating outdated computers and furniture to individuals and companies in need to give them a second life.

22. Buying recycled paper.

23. Using long-life light and fluorescent lights instead of light bulbs.

24. Replacing a propane forklift with an electric forklift.

25. Using an electronic thermostat to reduce office heating and air conditioning between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

26. Acquiring a hybrid car for our representative.

27. Introducing a new recycling service for customers: Transport Lyon collects used commercial office furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, etc.). All reusable property is sold at a discount or donated to organizations. Outdated furniture is dismantled. Metal is recycled and desks are broken down into boards to minimize the volume of waste.

28. Planting trees to offset greenhouse gas emissions made by the company (obtained a certificate of reforestation).

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